Monday, January 18, 2010


Hello prayer warriors!

We just came from a meeting with the Haiti team. There is a big problem that has developed. They are having problems securing safe transportation from airport (Cape Haitien) to compound in Heinche! They need either helicopter, private bush planes, or UN escort...There will be many pounds of food, supplies, medical equipment and supplies that are involved and it will not be safe to try to transport in some trucks, etc.

We are three days away from mobilizing a very well qualified medical team with support personnel, ready to go. But, this detail needs to be worked out. The people in Heinche have had to have the food program suspended, fear of running out of food. These are dire straits for these dear Haitians, all over. Please join us on your knees before our God who can work out these details and get these teams in there, safely.

Thank you with all my heart, Christine


  1. Dearest Christine -- The Kays family is most certainly keeping John and you in our deepest prayers; as well as the rest of the team and everyone involved. We are spreading the word and asking for others' prayers, so please know your support is growing. All our love to you, keep strong, keep peaceful, and may God bless your incredible husband and guide him on this miraculous journey. May God work through him and others to quickly heal and help the beautiful people of Haiti. God speed to him. Love to you -- Laura, Dan, Andrew, Max, & Nicholas.

  2. I have come to your blog through the Kays Family. Please know that my prayers are with you and the team.