Monday, June 28, 2010

And now...

Join us in praying for these dear ones..

Precious Ones



My friends!

Whew, home sweet home! I will write some more meaningful things in a couple of days as I reflect back. For now, I thought you might enjoy a gallery of the kids. This is why I love to go to Peru! Enoy...

Friday, June 25, 2010


Hi friends!

We are here in Lima now. We have left the jungle, and also left part of ourselves there. We are all changed people, that is a good thing.

We went to bless others but as God would have it, we have been blessed by them.Unless you have done something like this it is hard to imagine how you fall in love with people who really are at first complete strangers! They do not remain that way for long.

These people could teach all of us a lesson on life. They taught us unconditional love, unending gratitude, and the power of a hug, smile, even a kiss on the cheek from a grubby, beautiful child.
There is not many things sweeter than that!

We pray the team left the fragrance of Christ behind. There were some significant transformations and amazing people put in our paths to be loved and accepted.

The final day we went to the compound that is being transformed into an orphanage. What a day that was. People were gracious, walked for miles, and did not want to leave. WE had to walk a bit from the road to the location and many of them walked us out to board the bus.

AND, the day before, we were provided the PHARMACIST we needed! Some young man named Michael, who finished pharmacy school two weeks before, came around from some other team, I think, and we put him to work and he said he could not believe how he would do anything else but serving in this way! We told him his path was put into place to connect with ours long ago. Many people prayed for him to come along and there he was...Should not surprise when we are dealing with the Creator of the universe! But we were all in awe, once again..

We are having an R & R in Lima today. Anxious to head home Saturday (I think today is Friday!)

Thank you for following us. John does have some amazing pictures that I will have to add when we get home as access to internet is minimal and it takes too long, and we have been so busy we could not do that. But it will give all of you something to look forward to!

When you see these pictures, you will see what I mean about the beauty of the children!



Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Seeing the finish line...

Hello friends,

This has been a most unusual trip. While our team work is going well, our team mates have had rough times spiritually and emotionally. But God is close to the broken hearted and promises to restore us!

We continue to pour ourseelves out as a fragrant offering. We are daily restored to do it all over again! There have been many wonderful stories..I will share one I experienced.


The first day of our teaching seminar, a man walked in with an eagerness to learn. Somehow I noticed him and felt there was something special about him. Throughout the day, I would smile and encourage his work and be sure to make contact with him.

As the days progressed, we felt a bonding in the Lord. The third day, he wanted to tell me that my smile made him happy. I shared with him that I felt that God would be using him mightily for the children of the Amazon and I prayed for God to bless him in a big way.

Fourth and final day, we prepared a graduation ceremony for all the partcpants. Also, we had all the groups come up and present lesson to the team. We were now the students! Wow, they did a fabulous job. When Sabino got up there with his team, he electrified the room with his presence and passion!

Afterwards, he called me over to him. With a translator, he began to speak to me in a way so sincere it made me weep. With tears in his eyes he told me a number of things but the one most important was this...
Because of your obvious love for children, you have inspired me to keep your love in my heart to commit to bringing children to the King! He said I have been a touch of heaven to him and he will carry that in his heart in all his does with children. Remembering my love and kindness...

Then he gave me a most beautiful bracelet. I learned that two years ago he was deep in bad stuff. God has transformed this mans life for eternity. Now, he will go out and make a difference in lives of children. WOW..

I have tucked that moment in my heart where it will stay forever!

Tomorrow we go as a whole team out to the jungle, with the bugs and mud, to work at an orphage. We are all looking forward to that! We commit to bringing joy, fun, laughter, love and zillions of smooches!

Thank you for reading this. Continue to pray please for our safety and health.

The finish line for this mission is in sight!


Saturday, June 19, 2010

At Last!

First of all, I am sorry it has taken this long. There is no service of either internet or phone in our hotel.

The medical team is having great success. They are seeing over 100 pàtients a day. The dentist is seeing over 20 a day. The eye doctor saw 52 people! They are in a church so the facility is very nice for them. They are blessing people and being blessed..

The childrens seminar in the morning is going quite well. We have 16 different churches represented who are learning how to teach children. We do feel they have the hearts to do this and we are privileged to be serving God in this way.

The afternoon session with the children out in a shanty town is another story. Whew, they are quite unruly- There are over 100 of them each day. They are not bad kids, just not very disciplined. Their living conditions are very sad. But they do not know the difference. While the program is not going exactly as planned. The laughter and smiles could not be louder! They are having a great time and we decided that is what it is all about. Not our plans, but His plans! His plan is for us to play, hug, kiss their cheeks, give them piggy back rides, until we drop! We are teaching them about God´s love and showing them even more loudly! Again, a privilege to be here.

The children´s team is dead tired, but giving their all each day.

We are all well and getting along well, another blessing from God.

Tomorrow, Sunday, we are going to church and then take a boat ride on the Amazon. It is our day of rest, and do we need it...

This is being written from an internet cafe next to our hotel!

Happy Father´s Day tomorrow to my daddy whom I love with all my heart!

Thank you for the prayers that are being lifted up. We feel them and need them.

There were NO problems getting any of the meds through customs as we pretended we did not understand what they were saying and kind of pushed our way through!!

Love to all of you and see you here again..


Friday, June 11, 2010

Packing for Peru!

Yes, we are off for another trip. This time to the Amazon region of Peru. We have a team of 16 people going along. We will be offering medical care, dental care, eye glass clinic, training seminar for children/youth leaders and children's programs..

We are excited as each trip is different, each person we come across will be just as special as the ones in the past!

We have a number of first timers along! How fun it will be to watch how their lives will change! How can it not? We have good news that will change their lives, we are looking forward to telling them all about it!

Thank you for following us again! Leave comments when you can, we love to read them and know you are following us!

We leave in a few days!