Friday, June 11, 2010

Packing for Peru!

Yes, we are off for another trip. This time to the Amazon region of Peru. We have a team of 16 people going along. We will be offering medical care, dental care, eye glass clinic, training seminar for children/youth leaders and children's programs..

We are excited as each trip is different, each person we come across will be just as special as the ones in the past!

We have a number of first timers along! How fun it will be to watch how their lives will change! How can it not? We have good news that will change their lives, we are looking forward to telling them all about it!

Thank you for following us again! Leave comments when you can, we love to read them and know you are following us!

We leave in a few days!

1 comment:

  1. We heard from Dori that the team made it to Peru. You all were in the prayers of the Women's prayer group today...We pray for God to bless you with opportunity to bring glory to Him, for your unity, rest and safety. May you have a joyful experience.