Saturday, March 29, 2014

Look at these fun things...

I thought I would take a picture of some of the many wonderful things that friends have donated to the children that we will soon be with on our upcoming trip. These dear Syrian children will be soooo excited. I cannot wait to make the crafts, teach them jump rope, blow bubbles, etc etc. Thank you one and all and I know there are more things coming:)

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

We had our last conference call with the other team members tonight. It is really fun to think that people from all over the country are bonding together to serve one purpose in a far away land! Love and care on these poor Syrian refugees! Whew, good stuff.

We are gathering all sorts of fun things to take. Bags full of medicines, eye glasses, bubbles, stickers, jump ropes, face paint, etc. Sound like fun? Maybe next time you can come:)

I look forward to attempting to capture our experiences daily and hopefully my hubby will be able to take some of his lovely photos so you can see what we are doing. Please understand that there will be limitations on some things for security reasons. 

Thanks for caring and visiting my blog. It will get more interesting soon!


Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Time flies...

Hello all,

It has been two years since I last blogged about our trip! Shame on me for not keeping this alive. 

We leave on our next trip in less than a month. I plan on using this as a way of communicating to those who are interested. 

We will be working with the Syrian refugees this time and are very much looking forward to loving on them.

So, stay tuned and leave a comment when you can. As always, we would love your prayer support for our entire team.

More later,