Saturday, April 14, 2018

Confiscation or Blessings?

Hi all,

We have arrived safely but not without drama. Part of the team went through Rome and were taken to a room and questioned. As a result, 8 of their bags were "kept" and would be sent "later!" This means that a number of the supplies were in those bags and some of peoples clothes. 

Needless to say, a rocky start for the team. We sent out notes to our prayer warriors and they were on it! The next evening, 7 of the bags were at the hotel, 1 still being kept, until further notice. It was evident that customs went through the 7 bags and took supplies.

We will not know the scope of loss until we reach our destination. We have some and will trust that the rest will be "provided" or even not needed. After all, we live in the land of the "loaves and fishes". If you don't know that story google it and you will love it!

The weather here is hot, we are already very tired and yet, excited to start the work we came to do. Our team came as strangers to each other and are quickly bonding as a team. It is always amazing to see how the group begins to meld together well after such a short period of time. We all have One focus, do what we were called to do! Show unconditional love to those who have not seen that before. Tell them that there is more to life and hope for, yes, even them. No, especially them I will say...

If there is one thing we know for certain, God takes what is meant for harm and turns it into something very beautiful for "such a time as this"...that my friends will be the Blessing from the Confiscation. We cannot wait to see it!

Thank YOU for caring about us and them. Continue to pray, mediate, send positive thoughts for the people who we are ready to love!

Thursday, April 5, 2018


Hello there!

I find this one of the most fun parts actually. Strange I know. The reason is because I never know what uses I will have for all the supplies I bring for the Children. But, it never fails that whatever I bring, they need or have fun playing with it.

I pray over the supplies that God would touch each heart of each child that touches them. Imagine how excited they get when they see these things. The best part is sitting with them, hopefully some on my lap, and do the craft, color the picture, paint their sweet faces, and even jump rope! All the while, I am whispering prayers on their behalf that one day they would know there is more to life than what they are experiencing. That they would know that there is One who sees them, no matter where they are, how lost they feel, or how hopeless they feel. He is there and has a greater plan for them. 

Thank you for your interest in these people and our time spent with them. 

May the God of all things bless you and keep you,

Monday, April 2, 2018


Hi there,

It has been a couple of years since I used this so it is good to be "home". We are preparing to go love on some people who do not feel very lovable for various reasons. But we have some "good news" to share with them. They are loved! Not just by us but by Someone much more important. We have a great story to tell them that we pray will give them peace and hope for the future.

Stay tuned for more...we are in the packing stages now. It is always fun to see that no matter what we put in our bags, though it may not make sense here, it is completely logical and magical how it will be used there...

Thank you for caring for them as well. I know you do or you would not be reading this. I imagine you have already figured out that I am not a Blog Extraordinaire! 

Feel free to follow us, or even comment. Not sure how all that works but I trust you can figure it out:) You are smarter than you think...

God bless you and keep you..........

Thursday, October 13, 2016

Grand Finale

Our final night loving on the refugees we decided to have a celebration night. A time to celebrate their young life, shower them with love, play games, do a craft, teach them the story of Love. The Love that will last forever.

They came and they had a wonderful time. Our hopes were that the 90 minutes spent with the team would be 90 minutes of them not thinking about their shattered world. A world where they don't have the comforts of home, many times do not have food, and no hope for the future.

Our Hope was realized. They had a blast. It was hard to say our good byes, but we hope their dreams that night were about their "celebration" and not their reality.

These children have seen things and experienced things that no child should have to ever endure. Endure they do though.

We made sure they did not leave without knowing that there is a God who loves them, sees them and will always be near. Thank God....

Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Dry Land

This part of the world is dusty, hot and dry. Not only the landscape but many of the hearts of the people with whom we have the privilege to spend time with and share the love of God with. As we sit on the floors of their "homes" and look into their beautiful faces that have no expressions, eyes that have no sparkle and smiles that painfully emerge, we are reminded again and again that the world is in need of the refreshing Water.

We had the prvilege to splash it on a number of people yesterday. One couple in particular listened intently and with a great deal of interest. The truth of the One true God was ringing in their ears and empty hearts. As we spent almost two hours with them, we saw the transition from a dead, empty life to one that was so very thirsty for the Water of the One who sent us to them.

What an honor it was to lead them to Him, the River of life. When the husband looked in my eyes, I am certain I was looking into his very soul as I saw his heart open, soften and desire freedom from his bondage. Drink my brother and sister, for the rest of your life..I will see them again!

Monday, October 10, 2016

Another world

Today we met with refugee families to tell them we care about them and love them.

We have absolutely no idea what they have been through, and I pray we never have to experience it.
They are normal people like us, except they fled a war torn country and now feel completely alone and hopeless. What can you say? We listened to their horrific tales with tears in our eyes and tried to not react with shock, not easy but you have to. You see, they would not want US traumatized. Imagine that compassion towards us?

They always serve us hot tea or Turkish coffee though that may be a great hardship given they really have nothing. We brought each family gifts and food supplies. I was blessed to have some gorgeous girls on my lap and I silently prayed for their thing of which I am certain, there is One who loves them and sees them, right where they are. I told them that too.

Be especially thankful for where you live....

Saturday, October 8, 2016

The Awaited News!

We made it through the "crossing" with absolutely no problem. The usual chaotic terminal and checkpoint and customs room, had no one there! Yep, we could hardly believe it ourselves. But then again we serve and trust the God of Miracles. And this counts as one in our books. But I need to mention that there was one man. He was sitting under the canopy outside where we were told to wait with all our luggage, for quite some time. He was a "tour guide" who was waiting for some people. He was waiting there for a LONG time when we arrived. Well, what a lovely man. He, of course, spoke the language of the land AND English so when the custom police and officers kept coming out asking questions, he translated it all to us. Plus, we were able to tell him why we were there and what we were doing..We called him "our angel". When we finally, after hours, were able to pass through, we no longer saw him out there. Believe what you want, but we know who he was....

We made the 2 hour trek in three different vehicles packed to the brim with all our luggage and supplies. Not one piece of luggage was given a second glance, hallelujah...We traveled along the very dusty landscape making our way to our destination. The roads are nice oddly enough for the most part, but no lines in them so they drive however they want. We passed some amazing sites. Desolate camps, groupings of villages, traveled through noisy crowded cities. All the while, praying for peace and unity for this great country. This country is flooded with the refugees whom we came to serve.

Today is Sunday and we will be meeting and planning our strategy for our time here with the nationals who do this every day. Then we will go to there church and worship the One True God alongside them. It is an odd thing to be praying to Him while we here the call to prayer for the other group who live in this land.

May we love well why we are in their country. Because He first loved us..