Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Dry Land

This part of the world is dusty, hot and dry. Not only the landscape but many of the hearts of the people with whom we have the privilege to spend time with and share the love of God with. As we sit on the floors of their "homes" and look into their beautiful faces that have no expressions, eyes that have no sparkle and smiles that painfully emerge, we are reminded again and again that the world is in need of the refreshing Water.

We had the prvilege to splash it on a number of people yesterday. One couple in particular listened intently and with a great deal of interest. The truth of the One true God was ringing in their ears and empty hearts. As we spent almost two hours with them, we saw the transition from a dead, empty life to one that was so very thirsty for the Water of the One who sent us to them.

What an honor it was to lead them to Him, the River of life. When the husband looked in my eyes, I am certain I was looking into his very soul as I saw his heart open, soften and desire freedom from his bondage. Drink my brother and sister, for the rest of your life..I will see them again!

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