Friday, October 7, 2016


We traveled to the most amazing, sad location yesterday. It is an outpost where you can see Israel, Syria and Lebanon in a beautiful panoramic view. From this viewpoint, it looks serene and beautiful.
But, of course we know the truth. The truth is according to the UN soldiers in this outpost, they observe 60 violent events DAILY going on in Syria. Imagine that? I would love to just use my viewpoint of the peace and beauty, but the reality tells me differently.

And so the team walked around the outpost and prayed for peace and unity of the countries..Possible?  Perhaps not if man is in charge. Possible? Yes, if the Prince of Peace is in charge. That is our prayer as we go love on those who currently have been driven from the country and seek refuge in Jordan.

What we are going to offer them is the Peace that passes all understanding...Thank you for joining in our mission..


  1. Oh my what a great sense of the reality I am receiving through your blog. And I love your descriptions. I can see the wailing wall and know just what you are describing. I also have looked over the sea of Galilee and walked its shores and felt the presence over the centuries of our Lord.

    1. Thank you for your note! I do not know though who wrote this beautiful note to us??