Monday, October 10, 2016

Another world

Today we met with refugee families to tell them we care about them and love them.

We have absolutely no idea what they have been through, and I pray we never have to experience it.
They are normal people like us, except they fled a war torn country and now feel completely alone and hopeless. What can you say? We listened to their horrific tales with tears in our eyes and tried to not react with shock, not easy but you have to. You see, they would not want US traumatized. Imagine that compassion towards us?

They always serve us hot tea or Turkish coffee though that may be a great hardship given they really have nothing. We brought each family gifts and food supplies. I was blessed to have some gorgeous girls on my lap and I silently prayed for their thing of which I am certain, there is One who loves them and sees them, right where they are. I told them that too.

Be especially thankful for where you live....


  1. As I read your words, my eyes filled with tears. I can only imagine what you are seeing, hearing and feeling. Thank you for heeding His call on your lives and going. "Here am I, Lord, send me!" May our God of peace surround you both with His love, strength and protection as you become His hands and feet and heart. xxxooo P>S> It won't let me post unless I use anonymous - it's Diana. :)

  2. Oh dear one I love you and thank you for your comments! Bless you