Saturday, January 28, 2012

Final Preparations

Here we are, days away from our trip!

At this point, it is just time to get there. We have prepared, planned and packed all we can. We are excited to go serve in this very needy part of Peru.

We will be along the Amazon and yes, it will be muddy, hot and rainy. Bugs? Snakes? Birds? Mosquitos? But of course! However, we keep reminding ourself that we are visiting, these dear people live in these conditions. But you know what? They do not know differently. So, who are we to go down there and tell them. We don't. We embrace this opportunity to love on them, care for them, and most of all tell them that we have Hope! We want to leave them having experienced the love of God in our actions, words, smiles, and tender touches. 

Thank you for following us. Thank you for prayers, financial support and t-shirts and underwear (for the kids, not me!).

Leave a comment when you can as we will be hoping to hear from you while there!

Stay tuned....

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Last meeting....

We just had our last team meeting which is always exciting and filled with many emotions. Yes, we are ready. Yes, we feel privileged. Yes, we are anxious. Yes, we know that we are stepping out of our comfort zone, way out!

We thank all of you for being beside us before we even get started. Please stay with us, from now until we all return safe and sound to our loved ones!

We know we will come back changed. We know we will encounter God in a new, powerful way! How can you not be changed by that..

We would love you to pray that our health remains good! That no one gets sick down there as it is so easy to do.

As I sit in front of a lovely fire, I imagine that it will not be long before I am craving air conditioning! It will be 85+ degrees and rain, lots of it. Quite a change..

See you back here soon!

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Off to the Amazon

Hello faithful followers!

John and I are joining a small team (6) of people to go deep into the jungle of the Amazon region in Peru. We are leaving soon and are in the stages of packing the medicines, children's clothes, etc.

Once again, we leave trusting we have been called to go serve these dear people. We are going to a small location that does not even have a name. It is merely identified by the location KM 43. That is at the end of the road at Kilometer 43, thus the name.
But, we know that God knows each of these dear people's names and look forward to serving their needs.

I will attempt to update as we go along as I have tried in the past.
Love one another today, we all need that.

Thanks for checking on us!