Saturday, March 26, 2011

Journey Home...eventually:)

Hello Followers!

John and the team were awakened with the news that their flight from Cairo to London had been canceled...I received this news as I was sound asleep. He said he would keep me informed of the plan. This would mean either a reroute, somewhere, or delayed a couple of days. Needless to say, I told him I would pray for all of them. We hung up, I asked the One who called them to this far away place would now provide a way for them to come home as planned to their awaiting family and friends..Then I promptly, and peacefully, fell back to sleep..

When I awoke I had an updated schedule of their plans in my email box. The good news, they are not spending the night in the Cairo airport hallways, they are spending the night in another airplane en route to Madrid! Carumba! (sp?)

They will then proceed to London to LAX and get home as planned! YEA!

They will be tired, tired puppies when they finally land..I never thought of the alternative to sleeping in an airport could be getting on another plane and just flying some random place!
"His thoughts are not our thoughts" can say that again!

Thank you for your interest and support of this mission. I imagine some closing pictures and stories in the days to come..

Now, off to bake some cookies for "my missionary man".

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Getting weary.......


On our last day of clinic we got slammed with patients. Of course everything was orderly, and the people very appreciative. There seemed to be a lot of Egyptians today.

I learned today that the head dress of the Jordanians is red and white.

I was too busy to get any photos today, but they would have been the same as before. The staff was wonderful.

Dinner at 2 PM was again quite good - chicken on top of rice with raisins and almonds and a different spice than before. They haven't starved us!! Supper is some pita bread and humus.

The weather has turned cold and will be only to 55 tomorrow and down into the 40's tonight. We are traveling North to the East side of the Sea of Galilee just South of the Golan Heights.

I am starting to wear out and getting ready to return home.

Something for us to think about....

The people continue to return to the clinic as they love that they are being prayed for! This type of care and compassion have not been shown them very often, if at all...Sad isn't it?

We don't have to travel half way across the world though to hear that fact. Let's all look around us today and see if there is someone perhaps who needs the same from us, today. Perhaps we can learn from this trip something to be used in our own neighborhood. Let's show love, kindness and His love more today than yesterday..

If you are thinking the headdresses look Palestinian, you are right. There is a big population of Palestinians living in Jordan...

Hope you are enjoying the blog!

Wednesday, March 23, 2011


The young and the old need His love...

John took a huge bag of suckers (sugarless), I see he is making goo use of them..

God bless these sweet lives today and may they see kindness and love pouring out of the lives of the team.

Tuesday, March 22, 2011


This was a much busier day today. We started off with a banquet of breakfast food provided by a lovely lady above the clinic. The variety was large and all of it quite good.

The clinic was very busy today. I kept the children full of suckers and stickers as best I could between patients.

The patients are lovely people. They are most grateful for the least amount of service and contrast with some of our previous experiences. The are loving people and loved to be prayed over.

Yesterday a lady with sever Herpes Zoster neuropathy, (shingles) a painful condition, came in for help. I explained to her that it may last months to a lifetime and provided her with a small supply of analgesics. I then prayed with her. I learned this morning that she called her daughter, who then call a friend, who was the wife of the person talking to me. She much appreciated the prayer more than anything else. She returned today for more prayer!! Isn't interesting a fascinating how one small act spread so far and quickly.

I saw another lady today, who had multiple complaints. I finally asked her what was really upsetting her. She is from Syria and feels that no one loves her in Jordan. I explained the WE loved her and Jesus loves her. She left somewhat happier. Although much less so than in Palestine, social, political pressures are a major issue here as well.


March 22

Today starts our second day in clinic. The Church wishes to feed us breakfast today, so we will arrive at clinic early and eat above the patient area. The weather continues to be delightful Spring. It is mostly sunny and generally pleasant in the 70’s during the day. The night is a cooler 55-65.

Yesterday we were fed our main meal at 2 PM, which is the tradition. We were fed chicken on top of rice and almonds, a very traditional Arab meal, and of course it was quite good. We had Shwarma again for supper at about 8 PM.

Jordan is a pleasant country, from the little we have seen of it. It is typically paper strewn with little concern about rubbish, but the homes are clean. The people are quite varied, perhaps because of Jordan’s location. But there seem to be people from Egypt, Syria, Iraq, Afganistan, and Iran. Subsequently the dress is varied amongst the Muslims. There are all gradations of Muslim dress, from the most conservative “eyes only,” to Western styles. Some of the shops even display very Western dress, which was a surprise to me.

Ziad (J) explained that the women are becoming more and more resistant to the traditional dress. Never-the-less, women are very subjugated here as has been our experience in other Muslim countries.

Medicines are available over-the-counter. Therefore there is considerable antibiotic abuse. The people use antibiotics at the first sign of a sore throat, headache, earache, etc. The obvious (to us) result is considerable antibiotic resistance of bacteria, making appropriate use of antibiotics most difficult. I’m happy to say, that despite pressure, we distributed very few antibiotics yesterday.

The illness are typical: headaches, gastritis, colds, bronchitis, arthritis, hypertension, diabetes, heart disease. Unfortunately, there is also considerable anxiety, especially amongst the women.

Most everyone is open and accepting of prayer, and as I mentioned yesterday, they all leave with dramatically lifted spirits and emotions.

There is discussion of hardships, family members stuck in other countries because of nationality and politics, death and illness, etc.

I did some laundry last night, and I mention it to show how spoiled we are. I was lucky because rather than using a sink, there was a washing machine in this apartment. The washing machine had to be filled by hand, and I only had a small pot to carry water from the sink to the machine. Then you can turn on the agitator and set a timer. You have to manually turn the switch to drain the washing compartment, AFTER placing the drain hose in an appropriate location! Then you refill by hand the machine to rinse, re-drain. The clothes are then transferred to the spin side of the machine. Unfortunately the spin section didn’t work, so I hand wrung the clothes and then hung them on a line out doors. They are almost dry this morning, and I will do the rest of the laundry tonight.


Monday, March 21, 2011


Kids love stickers so I sent tons with John. Did not think he would put so many on one child! Gotta love it:) Looks like he is still peeling more off!

God bless this little one!

Note from John and pictures:):)

Our first day of clinic went very well. The facility is quite nice, good space, not hot and good crowd control. The people are lovely as they seem to be all over the world, with pretty much the same problems we usually see. As antibiotics are very much abused and freely used in this part of the world, we tried to avoid unnecessary further use.

People entered the clinic with uncertainty, and neutral expressions, but all left spiritually uplifted and smiling.

There were not too many children, but those who were there were delightful, and were kept entertained with the supplies you sent.

Team is healthy and all working very well together.

Note from the Middle East........


Dear Christine,

We spent the day at Jerash, an old Roman town. It is probably the largest Roman ruins I have seen. And it is in quite good condition.

The weather has been delightful.

Last night we went to Church. Surprisingly, Christianity is tolerated here, and this was an open Christian church with about 40 believers. Of course it was all in Arabic. The sermon was on the veracity of the Bible, and included discussions of the Scrolls. I could figure this out from some of the pictures, plus a photo Qurum.

The pastor is a military man who now has given his heart to Jesus. Of course, he has had attempts on his life because of it. What a lovely man with a lovely family. He is hosting our team at his home for meals.

We visited the clinic last night and it is a great setup. The dentist actually has a regular dental chair and equipment. This is a functioning clinic.

Today we start to serve people


Saturday, March 19, 2011

Finally arrived...

Yes, the team has finally arrived at their destination. They are beyond tired, but excited!

They were going to go get lunch and then return to their accommodations and get some much needed rest! They all sound in good spirits and ready to serve the people in Jordan.

They are staying in apartments and they sound like they are nice. What a blessing! It is late afternoon there and so this will be a day of getting acquainted, checking out their sites, and then the much deserved sleep, in a bed..what a concept!

I was able to briefly chat on Skype with John. I am grateful for modern technology in cases like this.

Of course, I want him to hurry up and get pictures of kids! But, perhaps, he should get some sleep first:)

Enjoy your Saturday!

Friday, March 18, 2011

Sleep Over in Cairo!

Now, don't be jealous! John and the team are having a sleep over in the Cairo airport! Can you believe they are still trying to get to their destination in Jordan! Yikes....It has been a journey for sure!

Good news is that they are in Cairo Airport, hopefully by now asleep, awaiting their next flight to Amman Jordan. Then a bus to their final resting place (that did not sound good now did it?)

He said the Egyptians are so kind they wish they could stay there and serve them...

Stay tuned..........


Good night as I go sleep in my soft, warm bed...a little guilt happening..

Thursday, March 17, 2011

On their way.....

Hello friends!

The team is on their way to their destination!

I cannot speak for everyone but I know John was anxious and excited. It is a very unique feeling, going where you have been led to go, looking forward to meeting strangers, tenderly loving on them whether with medical care, dental care, or children's ministry, and not having a clue who they are!! Yet, you instantly fall in love because as you know "He first loved us!"

And so it is that this team is ready to express the love of Jesus and imitate Him in all they do.
Thank you for your prayers, support and thoughts..

I told John to hurry up and take some pics and send them so I can put them here. He said "Can I get there first?" Oh yea...........

Stay tuned for more and check out the beautiful moon! Think of how it was placed just right:)


Monday, March 14, 2011

Bags are packed.......

The bags are packed and now we just need the day to arrive, and it will quickly I know.

It is humbling to think that all the supplies and children's goodies that are packed are specifically meant to be used to bless someone that God has appointed to be blessed...

I can hardly wait to see the pictures of the little ones that John will have the pleasure to hug, touch, or just smile at. Yes, I am jealous that I cannot go, but know that I am not to go but to stay here and support from home.

Would love you to offer prayers for the safe travel. It is not exactly a direct route, and will entail spending the night in the Cairo airport, both ways:). We looked at WalMart yesterday for a inflatable pool float, but of course, the season is not here yet. Thought that was a brilliant idea, but too early!

Thank you in advance for following this. Let us know you are here....

With appreciation,

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Change of plans.....

Hello followers!

God has changed up the plans for the Egypt team. They are now headed to Jordan.

It was clear that safety was not going to be secured for them on the ground in Egypt, and the State Dept was also against it. So, they are excited to know that they now have a new destination and certainly there are people there who need the touch and love of Jesus that will be given by these team members!

Good news about the location change is that there will be email access and I can receive updates, etc! yahoo.....

Stay tuned as we get closer....