Monday, March 21, 2011

Note from the Middle East........


Dear Christine,

We spent the day at Jerash, an old Roman town. It is probably the largest Roman ruins I have seen. And it is in quite good condition.

The weather has been delightful.

Last night we went to Church. Surprisingly, Christianity is tolerated here, and this was an open Christian church with about 40 believers. Of course it was all in Arabic. The sermon was on the veracity of the Bible, and included discussions of the Scrolls. I could figure this out from some of the pictures, plus a photo Qurum.

The pastor is a military man who now has given his heart to Jesus. Of course, he has had attempts on his life because of it. What a lovely man with a lovely family. He is hosting our team at his home for meals.

We visited the clinic last night and it is a great setup. The dentist actually has a regular dental chair and equipment. This is a functioning clinic.

Today we start to serve people


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