Saturday, October 8, 2016

The Awaited News!

We made it through the "crossing" with absolutely no problem. The usual chaotic terminal and checkpoint and customs room, had no one there! Yep, we could hardly believe it ourselves. But then again we serve and trust the God of Miracles. And this counts as one in our books. But I need to mention that there was one man. He was sitting under the canopy outside where we were told to wait with all our luggage, for quite some time. He was a "tour guide" who was waiting for some people. He was waiting there for a LONG time when we arrived. Well, what a lovely man. He, of course, spoke the language of the land AND English so when the custom police and officers kept coming out asking questions, he translated it all to us. Plus, we were able to tell him why we were there and what we were doing..We called him "our angel". When we finally, after hours, were able to pass through, we no longer saw him out there. Believe what you want, but we know who he was....

We made the 2 hour trek in three different vehicles packed to the brim with all our luggage and supplies. Not one piece of luggage was given a second glance, hallelujah...We traveled along the very dusty landscape making our way to our destination. The roads are nice oddly enough for the most part, but no lines in them so they drive however they want. We passed some amazing sites. Desolate camps, groupings of villages, traveled through noisy crowded cities. All the while, praying for peace and unity for this great country. This country is flooded with the refugees whom we came to serve.

Today is Sunday and we will be meeting and planning our strategy for our time here with the nationals who do this every day. Then we will go to there church and worship the One True God alongside them. It is an odd thing to be praying to Him while we here the call to prayer for the other group who live in this land.

May we love well why we are in their country. Because He first loved us..

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