Friday, January 29, 2010

Long note tonight~

Friday, January 29, 2010

Last night before sunset, and with the rising full moon, we drove to the back of our grounds. Just behind an enterprising Haitian bought some land, dug two large ditches and damned them. They fill in the rainy season, and stay full throughout the winter. From them he raises Tilapia, for food and fertilizer, and around them he has a large field of food, which is watered from these lakes. This is the type of activity that is needed in this county for revival.

After lunch the clinic here got very busy, and we worked it until 5 PM.

As you might expect there are many minor and major health conditions besides the recent trauma. Some of the trauma patients are returning for wound checks and dressing changes. I saw a woman with a very advanced breast CA, another with a breast lump. I have seen end stage congestive heart failure in young people. The average life expectancy is around 45. HTN is very common, and usually untreated. Malnutrition, fungal skin conditions, scabies, HIV, Malaria, Typhoid and many unknowns round out the selection. Sadly there are many congenital and developmental abnormalities. Before he left Dr. Combs showed me a 12 yr old girl with hydrocephalus. I have never seen anything like it. Somehow she has done well mentally.

Many are just hungry! This may be a growing problem due to disruptions in food supplies through Port au Prince. You may actually know more of this than me, as I have looked at no news. The Haitian Endowment Fund is driving to the Dominical Republic tomorrow to try to get a large truckload of rice and beans through to resume their feeding program.

The population continues to drift up in this direction as well as north and away from Port au Prince.

I’m tired after today. This evening is again cool, with a full moon. There was chanting over the walls this AM. It is an interesting mixture of sites and sounds and smells.


From Christine: I am wondering if it is better that they are not listening to the horrible news we hear or not..jury is out on that. I am thinking how difficult it will be though to make it from the Dominican Republic with the food, given the mobs...They are not aware of that I fear..

Imagine a beautiful, full moon shining on such sadness, devastation and yes, hope! The chanting he is hearing is from the poor people caught up in Voodoo! Pray that they will be delivered from the bondage of these practices, and the sounds of our team singing worship songs to the only true God will drown out the chanting and bring the chanters to their knees before Him, where he lovingly waits..

Thank you for all of you reading this, praying for them, thinking how you can help, just being there for everyone involved.

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