Thursday, January 28, 2010

Miracles Continue In Haiti

John called me tonight and told me of a couple of miracles that occurred today. He said there are miracles happening, everywhere, everyday.

Two he told me about I thought I would share..At the clinic on the compound, they ran out of worm medicine. They decided to then go into the village to do medical care. While they were gone, an army helicopter dropped off 1,000 pounds of medicine, guess what the majority of it was? You're right! Worm medicine! They were speechless at the magnitude of the Power of God!

Second miracle was that a group of physicians who had been at a state hospital, wandered over to the compound where suddenly a huge influx of patients came in and their expertise were desperately needed! God knew what was needed and, once again, provided!

Join with me in thanking Him for His love for these people!


  1. Beautiful pictures and beautiful words about what an awesome work God is doing in Haiti. So thankful for the teams that are being used by Him!

    --- Melanie

  2. Christine, these photos are stunning!! Makes me want to go to Haiti!! God bless "your man" and the team, and the people they are bringing God's love to. And bless you for this blog.