Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Note from John-Still Smiling.......

Wednesday January 27, 2010

Chaos!!! We went back to the hospital this AM to see how we could further help, orient the new arrivals, and check on the old patients. There is a team from Dartmouth there, and a team from Yale arrived last PM. Four of our MD’s left this AM. There were able to take the flight out of Hinche which resumed with their flight. I feel left behind! Since the five of us have been together since Friday, we bonded. A new group arrived last night from Temecula, as well as a group from Idaho – flew into Hinche- also with Haiti Endowment. I have started to learn new names.

Back at the hospital, one of the Internists, a nephrologist tried to organize all of us, but things are still hampered by the politics and culture. Medical orders are missed and slowly addressed. Nothing happens quickly, regardless of urgency.

This afternoon, I joined one of the Family Practioners and worked the clinic here at the compound. It was actually more satisfying. There are more and more people drifting up from Port au Prince, both with minor as well as major injuries. Some are coming straight to our compound; others to the hospital. Some people come in and just complain of hunger. Haitian Endowment gives them a sandwich.

One of our interpreters is a medical student. He happened to be out of doors during the quake. This was fortunate, as his dwelling in Port au Prince was destroyed, as well as his class mates. All three medical schools were destroyed along with many physicians and students.

Pray for better organization. The poor people here deserve at least that!

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  1. Saw the article about John in Haiti in the No Cty Times yesterday with this site listed. I will be following and praying. Lovely to run into you at Panera last week. Sheryl Neal(Tabitha's mom)