Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Note FROM CINDY-"Cook"

A letter Cindy Bither wrote to her daughter today . She arrived with team 1
January 27th
It's hard for me to get over here to the clinic office to check my mail. I was up until 1 am last night and up at 5 this morning. I'm just keeping busy over at the house w/cooking. Out of 16-17 food tubs, we have only received 3. We've had sufficient supply for meals so far, and the team arriving today has the rest of our tubs (hopefully!) 

After what I've seen and the immense misery and suffering, I have no right to complain. The hospital here in Hinche is so sad - so many children with broken legs and fractures and they have to lay in traction w/cast for 6-8 weeks. These children just lay there all day with flies all over them and no meds for pain. The family has to bring food so they can eat. Many are with a relative because their parents perished in the quake. I was at hospital the other day and wishing I had some toys (coloring books, crayons, balloons, etc.) for the children.
The 2nd team that arrived last night "just happened" to have bags of balloons and a bag of suckers. God provided! It would be such a great outreach for a small group of young people to come & spend time in hospital just entertaining the kids and loving on them. 

The most touching thing that I've seen was last night at the hospital I saw an old man asleep with his head resting on an open Bible. He looked so peaceful. I don't know his injuries, but his Bible was his pillow. I can't stop thinking about him.

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