Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Note from Dave-Logistics Guy

 Everything has been a challenge on this trip but God has protect and provided thru it all. We arrived with 13 out  of the 55 plus bins we started with.  Our food and med supplies are still in  transit.  We have been well cared for by UN security details. I have a new friend, Klaus  from Austria. He comes by daily to check on our needs and is now bringing us  seriously injured patients that can't wait and sit in the hallways of hospital  for days.    Yesterday was the first day the doctors could go help at the Hinche Hospital.   They worked all day till after 10 PM. I went to hospital in afternoon. Almost  everyone has severely broken legs the x rays are crazy. Their legs were crushed  as the tried to escape the buildings.  By afternoon I was gathering power drills  from HEF's tool room for orthopedic  surgeons to use.  This morning we worked with orthopedic doctor to build a  special platform  support device for operation on child with broken pelvis and  legs.    The villages and towns are filling up with hundreds of thousands of refugees  from PAP.  A tiny poor village (Bohac) near hear has 1000 refuges alone. Haitian  Churches are trying to mobilize with their limited resources in the area.    I have met so many that have lost their homes and entire families. It is so very  sad.   Many of Haiti's doctors and med students were killed in PAP. The Medical  Universities are all gone.   Thanks for all of your prayers and support at home and work.  We will be very  busy the next few days with the rest of our team finally arriving plus new med  team from Idaho.  So I won't be able to write again for a while.    

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