Saturday, January 23, 2010


The flights are all backed up from Ft Lauderdale..Good news that there are 1400 flights trying to get into Port Au Prince!! That is abundance,dear Lord get them through..

Their flight into Cap Haitian was delayed as the pilot needed some sleep! Sleep away my friend, just get them there safely! Good news about that too is that allowed the team, except two, to go to a hotel for five hours! Slept and showered! Two stayed behind to guard the 14 tubs of supplies. Bless them Lord...

John said everyone is in good spirits, just ready to get there!

They announced a flight leaving for Cancun, John tried to get the team to go on it!! Good to hear his humor is still intact.

They will still have quite a transport once they reach Cap Haitian. That is where the prayers of extra security is needed. It will be either 4 hours by UN guarded transport, or 30 minute helicopter..not known yet...

Have a great day. When you feel like grumbling about this or that, remember these poor people whose lives have been dramatically changed....prayerfully they will soon feel the love of Jesus from the team and others trying to get in to help!
Once they arrive at the final destination, Hinche, they will be expected to be up and running within an hour..Long hours still ahead of caring for patients. Their five hours of sleep in Ft Lauderdale will be fondly remembered!

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  1. Lori Medina sent out your blog link and we're so glad she did! Scott and I will be faithfully praying for John and the team, as we've already been praying for the long-suffering people of Haiti. Blessings to you guys for your compassion and sacrifice.

    --- Melanie Marshall