Sunday, April 20, 2014


Yes, we have returned home. Home to a comfortable place where our loved ones are and our animals are excited to see us.

But I want to talk about home in a different way right now. Home is where you are peaceful. Home is where you know you are secure. Home is where everything around you is familiar and comfortable.

We just loved on a group of people who cannot say that, or feel that. And they do not know when they will, if ever, feel that way again. We know that our brief time with them tending to their medical needs, their dental needs, and playing with the children did not bring them that sense of home. But we do know that the expression of love that we gave, showed them that there is a real place called Home. Home where God dwells and where we as believers will one day live, forever!

We went bearing that news, showing that evidence in our touch and in our smiles and in our laughter. Yes, we even were able to see the children laugh and the men and women smile! These people looked at us as if we were God Himself. We, of course, are not, nor pretend to be. But what we were, were a people who believe His Spirit dwells within us as we have received that free gift from God. We believe we were imitators of that Love.

As we said our good byes, it was quite emotional for me. I will not be the same. I will not think the same when I hear about Syrian refugees. What I witnessed was a group of people who long for their “home” again. What could I tell them? I have no idea what that particular future looks like for them. Some say it could be 10 years before peace comes to Syria, if ever. But what I do know is this one thing. That there is a Home after this one, and it lasts forever. We are promised that there will be no more sadness, crying or pain. There will be joy, peace and never ending Love. Forever. This is the Home that we told them about. I hope to see them there!

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