Sunday, April 6, 2014

 We are  ready and raring to go. When you plan and plan, it is just time to get on that plane and get there. That is where we are at today.

We had a lovely church service today and then spent some time with loving family. Our bags are soo stuffed they may pop any time now. 

Now we spend the next 24 hours resting. Focusing on what is before us. Preparing ourselves for what we will see and experience. Praying we will do what we are being called to do. Be the reflection of Jesus to these dear hurting people.

We often are asked "why do you have to go all the way over here when there are hurting people just around the corner:?" Good question and all I can say is that this time, we feel called to go and love on the Syrian refugees. We would like to think that during our everyday activities we are loving and caring as well. I know we fall short, but that is what is beautiful about grace. We just try again and pray we get it right the next time.

So, off we go! Thank you for following us. If possible, leave a comment so I know that there are people reading this..

Shalom and Salaam

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  1. Christine, I am reading and praying! God bless you both as you go to love in HIS NAME!! It doesn't matter if you get it right, because God will get it right through you. Some of the mightiest times in my ministry were when I felt I'd failed. How comforting to know that He does the work - we just have to take that step into the sometimes unknown - in faith, with open arms to receive His mercy, His grace, and let Him work through us. You go where He calls, whether Syria or around the corner. God bless you so very much!!! And may He be blessed through you! Diana