Thursday, April 10, 2014

At the Sea

Many, many years ago, a man named Jesus gathered his “team” together along the Sea of Galilee. His purpose was to use them to help share His truth and to love the poor, the homeless, the abused, the broken hearted, the widows and the orphans. The men he selected were nothing special. They all had their faults, their “baggage” and were not perfect. They were just the men He could use for the Purpose. He knew no one would be perfect but He knew they would be willing. They followed Him willingly and with great humility. They felt honored that He had called them to go along…

Here we are in the same place. We have come from different parts of the United States. We fit the same description of the team that was assembled years ago in this area of the world. You see, we heard the “call” to come. Come and love on the Syrian Refugees who have been abused, homeless, broken hearted, are widows and orphans. Same work, different time and place. We are humbled that he called us. We know that we will bond together to do His work because we have the same Spirit within us. We no longer have the person Jesus to watch and imitate but we have studied the book about Him and with the help of this Spirit that lives in each of us, we will imitate Him.

So, thank you for caring about the work ahead that we are privileged to be a part of. Pray for us if you think of it, and more importantly, pray for the dear ones we will have the chance to touch. Bless you..

We love you!

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  1. You are in our prayers! You are His hands, His feet; may your see and hear what the Spirit of the Lord is saying and doing. Hallelujah!