Saturday, April 12, 2014

Exhausted and Lacking Peace

The city bustles with many, many people just trying to go about their daily activities.
With exhaustion evident on their faces, they just get things done. The language itself is harsh and it always sounds like everyone is fighting, who knows, maybe they are speaking kind words. It is hard to tell.

The other obvious thing is there is no peace in their eyes, the windows of their souls. There is no doubt as to why. Throughout the day, a call to prayer goes out over loudspeakers across their land. Forcing allegiance or else. I am sitting here writing this at 4:30 am having been awakened by it. I start singing in my heart “Holy Holy Holy Lord God Almighty early in the morning our song shall rise to thee”. Then it strikes me, no wonder they look worn. They are awakened by this forced demand to pray to someone who is not Holy.

So I begin to pray now. I pray to a Holy God. The great I Am. The One who gives us a choice, accept Him or deny Him. No matter your choice, He still will love you. It says in His Book “where the Spirit of the Lord is there is FREEDOM!”

Now I know why 13 strangers are gathering together playing four square, cutting out lambs and making wool out of cotton balls, giggling and high fiving each other with happiness in their eyes, because our souls are filled with the One who gives us freedom to love Him, and love Him we do.
Exhausted? Yes we are..Lacking Peace? Not us!

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