Monday, April 14, 2014


A handsome young boy was hanging around the area where we worked with the children. His hair was combed like Bruno Mars. He had cool clothes on and he was about 12 years old. Handsome boy~

When I walked by him and smiled he said “hello”! I answered him back and went on my way.

Awhile later I went out and a man told me that he wanted some hot tea that had been laid out where we were. This is not something you normally do, but I felt drawn to him. I went and snuck him a cup and he said in English “thank you”..

As the morning went on, he came all the way in the room where we had the little ones. Coloring away. He clearly wanted to engage with us but we were not sure how much to include him as he was the oldest one there.

With my translator I asked him his name, Abdullah he told me. I said I was happy to meet him. Then in trying to make conversation I noticed he started to stammer. The more he talked, the more it increased. He then just stopped and left the room. Ashamed.

He wandered back in and my translator engaged him once again regarding a salvation bracelet that we were all wearing. He listened intently, but when it got to the part about making a decision for Jesus he said “I have to go but will come back tomorrow”. We looked at each other and shrugged, knowing we would not see him again.

After lunch, here he came. My translator took him aside personally and told her all about the man named God who sent His one and only son Jesus to die for him, Abdullah. He said he wanted that so much. He wanted this God to heal his voice. You see, he had bombs drop in his neighborhood and ever since then, he cannot speak without a horrible stammer. My translator and I promised we would pray to God to heal his voice. He certainly is suffering from PTSD. We believe that God can heal him with a touch of His hand, and heal him He will.

One of many sad stories that the kids wanted to tell someone, and I was a willing listener.

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