Wednesday, April 7, 2010


Hi "followers"!

One week from today we will be traveling to our destination in Israel. There is a team of 16 people ready and raring to go! The first few days we will be visiting sites in the area to get acclimated, and have some time to connect to each other. I am going to try and attach our prayer calendar, somehow, on the blog if you desire to support us in this way!

We will have internet access while there so I look forward to posting as often as I can. Who knows, you may even have some pictures to look at hot off the press!

Our team will be doing 1) Medical 2) Physical Therapy 3) Eyeglass and 4) Childrens Ministries..We will be in the West Bank area for this time of serving!

As the blog progresses, please make comments! If you cannot figure out how, ask some techie friend or kid! They know how!

Thank you for your interest, again!

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