Saturday, April 17, 2010


What a beautiful place the city is. What an amazing feeling to walk where Jesus walked. We went to the Garden Tomb, Garden of Gethsemane, walked the Via De La Rosa (Stations of the cross)..Quite an awesome feeling to be here.

It is hot! We walked for hours all over the city and tomorrow will go to the Dead Sea, Masada, and Hezekiah's tunnel (I am passing on going in that one!)

We are worn out! Not a good thing as our work starts Monday!

We are all well, having a good time with each other and anxious to get started on why we came.
So, not only are there 1,000 flyers, but also two radio stations talking about us coming!!

We will need all the strength and energy that only someone Mighty can give us!

Thank you for your continued prayers and support we feel it all!


PS We were all so tired by the time we went to the garden tomb that four - five of the team fell asleep while the woman was talking!! How embarrassing! Guess who almost fell off the bench, you got it!


  1. Christine, reading your update has filled me with awe! What a blessing from God that you are in that place, and privileged to share with the people there that Jesus is their Messiah! Keeping you in prayer and looking forward to each new update!! Love, Diana
    P.S. The photo of you and John is beautiful!