Tuesday, April 20, 2010

State of our "work".....

Hello everyone,

Sorry we have been sooo very busy, and tired, that I did not update until now.

We were very blessed to enter the WB without any problems at the checkpoint! Yea!

Our facility is nice. There is plenty of room for all the personnel we have brought. The outside area has a beautiful garden where it will be nice to have the children for the stories, games and crafts..

The last two evenings we have had the precious privilege of loving deeply on the 28 Boarders who live here where we are staying! It is an absolute joy to pour the love of God into these lives. I did not ever imagine that I would have been back here again. But, since I have been given another chance to influence their lives for His kingdom, I will leave nothing out in any of my talks, interaction or prayers for them! They do not want our time to end, they do not want to go to bed, and they do not sleep! Same here! It is a most unique time!

The people in the clinic seem to be typical for this region. Sad, depressed and agitated too! The children seem quite disruptive. They are handled roughly and sternly. So, that is how they treat each other. So, when we are loving and kind to them they stare in disbelief! Sad, but this is why we are here. We want to show them they are valued and they matter. We want them to know there is more to life than their current status!

Interesting situation today. There was some chaos and crowd control problems after lunch. After things seemed to quiet a bit, the people sitting and waiting for their appointment still seemed agitated, I went and setup a corner and started pulling out color pages! I thought it would be good for the kids who were waiting for their parents. Guess what? The agitated adults came over and wanted to color! Soon, they were calm, laughing and enjoying coloring! Hallelujah! I will implement that each day now. It was a blessing in disguise!

We are all healthy just very tired! The weather is warm here, warmer than we expected, but that is ok!

Thank all of you for your prayers, thoughts and concerns!

May you be at peace!

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  1. It is impossible to convey the blessing you and your team are bringing to us at home. We are deep in prayer for your mission of love and service. May God wrap his arms around you, fill you with His Spirit, give you opportunities to share His love, keep you strong and rested. Thankyou and shine forth.