Friday, April 23, 2010


Our day started off like always, many people,many children looking at us wanting help and attention.

The doctors are seeing many people, but there is not many significant illnesses..however, many emotional problems. Much depression, many symptoms as a result of depression, etc.

We are being watched VERY closely, by many types of officials.

Funny story.. The Mayor of the town provided a lovely lunch to all of us. Then, he wanted to see some of us and I was one of the ones to go! OK, here I am with my "mission" clothes on, dirty, a heart painted on my cheek, dirty tennis shoes, sitting in a mahogany lined Mayors office! I wanted to pinch myself. But, he wanted to thank us for the work on behalf of his people, and a few of us got a chance to speak about our experiences.

We were able to tell him why we were there and what our hopes were for the people in his town...It was a super opportunity for us to "shine" for His kingdom! Yes!!

A young man from there gave his heart to Christ. The problems began as he took his new Bible and was sharing his story! was not accepted, at all, by his people..Security was tightened and threats were made if he showed up..! What a sad thing as he was freed from his bondage and wanted to share!

Be thankful we live in a country with freedom to worship our God!

On our way home.........

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