Sunday, April 25, 2010


After 23 hours of travel, we are home and our bed felt so fluffy!

Reflecting on the last ten days is a rich experience for me. You see, it is amazing to me that God would send us half way across the globe to share love and kindness to people who were starving for it! The beauty of this is that we could not have done that unless we were filled with His love to start with. There are those who do not get this, why do we do things like this? Easy answer, because we are blessed and God asks us to bless others!

It was a divine setup from the very beginning. Mothers witnessed a stranger loving on her kids, caring about her kids, and taking time to value them. I pray I role modeled a new way for them. It is a difficult life in the West Bank, in Palestine. People are harsh, angry and vengeful. They witnessed a group of people who were gentle, kind and loving. May His fragrance linger....

The group of "boarders" who I was privileged to be with every night have changed my life! I pray I had an influence on theirs for all eternity! It was all about that for me! I will look for ways to continue this relationship while here at home.

Allow a few days to continue to process things more, I will be back.

Thank you for reading this and sharing in this journey, you are special also to even care about this.

With love,

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  1. Glory to God for all your have given in time, talent and abounding love. You have been in my prayers. At times, Your faces would pop up in my mind so I knew more prayer was needed. It is good to hear you are home safe. Love, Colleen