Sunday, April 17, 2016


Oh the need to be flexible when in the mission field. The pace here is quite different than our hectic life at home. In fact, it is called Island Time. So you now know what I mean.

Today, John was going to go round or at least come alongside, the physician at the "hospital " . So he showed up at 9:00 only to learn that the doctor was at the market and would not be back until 10:30. So, he returned home and we all went to the market for stuff. It was a typical market place with the heat, odd food, flies everywhere and people staring at the "white skins"! I of course had my pocket full of stickers and was bringing lovely smiles to the little ones faces when I would pull one out and put it on them. See, "white lady" does not eat children I hope my smile and gesture said to them.

It is certainly a place where any appetite you may have had quickly vanishes when you see the things you see. I never knew they eat bats!! No kidding and they come with flies all over them:( TMI I know.

So, John returned to the hospital and was told once again that the doctor was at the market. So, that idea was scrapped.

We have enjoyed seeing how these three families live in this part of the world and work full time as missionaries. They are the heroes. We all gathered for a community meal last night so we made homemade pizzas! Just with the three families and us, there were 11 kids and 9 adults! Whew, quite busy.

Plane is up and running now. So, first thing tomorrow, we go out to Samon on the East Sepik River. This is a community founded by Oklahoma Missionaries a few years ago and have done something to transform this remote place into something we hear is beautiful. We are warned though about the heat, mosquitoes, etc. We had thunder and rain storms last night so the water will be high. Glad I bought some rain boots!

Appreciate where you live and how easy it is for you to go to the grocery store to buy whatever you want. This families have containers of things shipped to them for normal supplies. They were excited that in the store today they found Taco Seasoning! Oh the things we take for granted...

Be flexible and gracious when things don't go the way you thought they would! There is a plan and the One who set it up knows best.

Love to all...


  1. Thanks for sharing Christine. We are very blessed to live here. Still praying for you both and group. Safe travels ahead.

  2. Wow, Batburgers, yummy! Reminds me of market in St. Thomas, was happy to a vegetarian even 25 years ago.
    What an experience .. We all prayed for you yesterday at church and are overjoyed at your service and love for Christ to go more than the "extra mile" Bobbe

  3. Wow sister! God will work wonders through you all for His glory! Be strong and courageous for the Lord is with you.

  4. Thanks for sharing Christine. We are very blessed to live here. Still praying for you both and group. Safe travels ahead.