Monday, April 11, 2016

Why? Are you crazy?

This is what I hear when people learn that we are going to Papua New Guinea to love on those people who live along the Sepik River.  It is a very primitive area of the world we are told. Along with that comes other problems that we are not accustomed to here in the good ole' USA.

But, these people deserve to be loved and shown that they are valued just as much as you or I are in this world.

So, bags are packed, all is in order so now we just wait for the time to leave to get there. My next post will be from our destination. Praying all our bags with medicines and children's goodies arrive as well.

I leave you with a scene that I want you to imagine along with me. I had a friend whose dear mother recently passed away and she was a doll collector. My friend said that she would like to donate some of the many dolls for me to take to the dear little children in PNG! Now, I cannot say for sure, but I don't think they have dolls. Not sure they even have much in the way of clothing. So, I cannot wait to take these precious dolls to one dear person and give them to many precious "dolls" in PNG!

 Yes, you are right, this is why we go! We go to show the Love of the One who loves us so..