Saturday, April 16, 2016

Life here

Today we went to visit the people in their "hospital". As you can imagine, or maybe not, it is quite different from what we are accustomed to. It is basically a large dilapidated building with some type of beds in it for the patients.

Families have to take care of their own patients. They bring them their food, if they have it, and it is actually quite a miserable place. But, they know no different. One little boy had fallen from a tree and had a compound fractured femur, no surgical intervention just a sling and time. Maybe 6-8 weeks. Another patient had both legs slashed with a machete.

Then you have the NICU unit. Oh boy, talk about heartbreaking. There were a couple of kids who had cerebral malaria. They did not look like they were going to be in this world much longer. Again, the whole family is there to take care of them. Laying on the beds with them, the floor, siblings there just sitting around, this is how it is here.

Our primary purpose was to bring love and smiles and stories. They were taught the story of Jesus feeding the five thousand! Yes, we know that was a miracle indeed as he only had a few fish and a few loaves of bread. But He did it! And he had leftovers. The couple who took us there, brought bags of salt fish to give and feed those in the ward. After they heard the story, they were able to grasp the miracles of God even more I believe!

I am considered "white skin" and they are thought to come to eat the children:( Lovely! So, I have my work cut our for me. I pray that they will see something different in me. I brought stickers and dolls. It was a special day.

Tomorrow, we go off the grid for a few days. This is where John will perform the surgeries that he practiced before we left. We will be sleeping under mosquito nets, etc. We will be staying with a missionary family at this remote outpost. I hope to share more with you after that 3-4 day visit (adventure).Take a moment today and just be a bit more thankful that you live where you live and enjoy the luxuries you do.

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