Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Upcoming New Adventure!

In less than one week, John and I will be going to Papua New Guinea. Yep, you heard it right. We have been asked to come alongside Samaritan Aviation and provide help to those who live along the Sepik River. 
In the past, when a medical emergency arises, the transportation to any medical help is by canoe for a 4-5 day trip! Now, Samaritan Aviation has two float planes and the pilots are called at any time day or night, and they pick up the patients and transport them to the facility. Of course, it may take 30 minutes of a person running to find a Satellite Signal which is usually found at the top of coconut tree before they can even place the call.  Hard to believe isn't it that people really live like this. Makes us stop complaining about things a bit doesn't it? I hope so anyway.
The place sounds fascinating. Primitive and still very tribal. Much of the medical emergency's are spear assaults, poisonous snake bites, complicated births, etc. Most of the population live along the Sepik River and speak different languages. But Pidgeon English is the common one. 
So, wish us well, pray for us, whatever feels good to you, we will take it! 
I look forward to loving on the dear children there and cannot imagine how different I will look to them. I hope they see the love on my face and in my smile that I bring to them.
Thank you for your interest and check out the good things Samaritan Aviation is doing either on Facebook or on their website. Good people doing amazing things all for the love of God!

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  1. Sounds amazing. Have a great trip!