Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Day 3

If you have been checking out the blog while we were in Peru, I could not get a connection while in Iquitos. So, I will post what I emailed and you can pretend you are reading it live!

Dirty does not describe how we feel. Filthy may come close. Tired, pooped out, etc.

BUT we are happy to be here doing what we are doing..
this We have had rain every day and every night. With rain comes mud, lots and lots of mud. I am not sure where the mud starts and my freckles end. Seriously! Hair, oh we won't even go there. Enough about us!

We had another wonderful day loving on these poor people who live this way, we are only temporarily inconvenienced. This is their life. They did not choose it, it is where God thought they should be.

I have had so many littles ones loving on me and I figure, I can just deal with it if I get whatever they have, they crave attention, gentleness, love and they are getting it. They are absolutely stunning. The area is beautiful if you just don't look down at the muck and mud we walk through! Deep in the jungle we can see beautiful ginger flowers in bloom!

There continues to be great comraderie and health among us! We are beginning to wear down though. We are being fed well. God bless those who are cooking for us. They serve HUGE portions of chicken and rice. I cannot begin to eat it all...

We feel honored to bring them good news about that there is more to life than what we now are living!

I have not been able to get on the blog so sorry if anyone is checking it. Don't:)

Sunday, tomorrow, I think, we are off:) Church, rest and then dinner..sounds good to all of us!

The clinic has seen over 600 people, so far:) Three people on the medical team! We have had oodles of kids!! Cannot count them, just know they are precious! I have some dear notes written to me, pictures colored for me, I signed t-shirts:) This is precious to me and them:)

Over and out, time to jump in the shower! Praying for at least luke warm water....

Love to all of you

Jungle Rats

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