Tuesday, February 2, 2010


John and team are on a flight heading west as I type..

The blog is not ending here. I appreciate all those who have been interested in this journey to Haiti and back. There will be more stories and even trips, I am sure.

I also hope you caught a glimpse of why we do what we do when we go to all these foreign lands doing medical care and working with children. We do it because we have love for His people and more importantly, we have a story to tell them. The story of One who died for them and rose again. This is truth that brings hope and purpose to all who believe. If you have been thinking about it, or wondering about it, and would like to talk personally with me or John, we would love it! Just ask us. We would love to tell you why we do what we do! It would be a privilege.

God bless your day everyone and stay tuned. I know John will have some outstanding pictures that I can post, after he rests some.

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